Beer Department: Expert Picks December 2017

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Dad Hoppy Holiday Ale
Rhinegeist Brewing Company
Cincinnati, Ohio

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 45
$9.99/6-Pack Cans

This is one of my holiday favorites. A hoppy holiday ale with rye malts, the mix of Bravo, Chinook, and El Dorado hops will please your palate. With a nose of burnt caramel, a touch of cherry on the finish, and enough hops to please, it’s not a classic holiday ale but still a can’t miss for the season. With a 6% ABV, it’s a great beer to drink at any or all of your holiday celebrations.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield
Located: American Craft

Christmas Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Cleveland, Ohio

ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 30
$11.99/6-Pack Bottles

The most sought after Christmas beer from the great state of Ohio. Need I say more? I don’t need to… but I will anyway. This one is among just a few truly classic Christmas Ales. Lots of ginger, cinnamon, and honey, with a nice, nutty finish. This beer has won six medals since 1999, so I’m not the only one that loves this beer.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield
Located: American Craft

Ohio Best of Craft
Craft Beer Variety Pack
Various locations in Ohio

I know, this is not the usual type of selection for our expert picks; but hell, I’m not the usual expert. I need to highlight this great mix pack that has been put together by our friends at Cavalier Distributing. It includes beers from Ohio favorites MadTree Brewing, Jackie O’s and Fat Head’s Brewery. This is a killer gift for fans of craft beer, especially those from out of the Ohio area who may struggle to procure these labels. The best part? Check out the $15.99 price. Bought separately, these beers sell for $9.99 to $12.99 for a six pack. 

Recommended by: Todd, Eastgate
Located: American Craft

Winter Welcome Ale
Samuel Smith, The Old Brewery
Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, UK  

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 32
$2.99/18.7oz Bottle

Sam Smith’s Winter Welcome is an old friend: warm, familiar, and essential to the season. A dark amber color with textured notes of caramel malts, apricot, and fine hops lead to a yeasty finish, a signature of the open-top, stone fermentation in “Yorkshire Squares.”

Recommended by: Todd, Eastgate
Located: International Beer

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