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JungleXpress is Jungle Jim’s weekly fresh fruit initiative aimed at providing healthy snack alternatives to workplaces, schools, and homes. We create hand packed fruit crates consisting of local, seasonal, and sometimes unique and uncommon fruits that we then ship to you for local delivery.

Jungle Jim’s has the highest standards in fruit selection and handling, often buying directly from local farmers since 1974.

Each crate comes with a monthly educational fruit tip explaining the nutritional value and uses for some of the fruits included in your shipment. To give your crates a personal touch, if you are a business or school, send us your logo and we’ll print it right on your crate!

Enlighten and inspire anyone to continue healthy eating by sharing a JungleXpress fruit crate full of tasty, local, and seasonal fruit selections.

* Delivery is only available locally to Cincinnati, OH.
See If We Deliver To You!

Support your company’s commitment to health by providing fresh, healthy alternatives to vending machines. JungleXpress can deliver crates of fruit to your workplace weekly or monthly. Your employees will love the variety.

Set healthy examples for students, faculty and staff. The benefits keep everyone alert and healthy. Provide healthy snacks in the cafeteria and break rooms. Everyone will look forward to seeing what is in the crates.

Keep fresh produce coming weekly or monthly delivered right to your front door. We also make gift giving tasteful and easy with our assorted crates. You pick the produce and size, we will do the rest! Great for all occasions.