A group of friends enjoying Jungle Jim's International Wine Festival

Cheers to a Great Festival!

A 10-year Anniversary is a big deal, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate 10 years of our International Wine Festival with you. Filled with wine from all over the world, bite size delicacies, charcuterie and more, our 2017 festival will be an intimate, elegant, and exciting two night event.

Lively and vibrant, our International Wine Festival brings education and leisure together as we welcome those new to wine and connoisseurs alike to the Oscar Event Center. After all, we’re pouring and enjoying over 400 wines from more than 90 wineries, and we want everyone to sip, savor and experience these incredible creations in the best way possible.

Much like a bottle of wine, our International Wine Festival is best shared with friends and family. There’s a story to every bottle, and a smile for every sip. Let’s raise a glass together, and toast 10 years of fine wine and even finer company. Salud!