Beer Department: 90+ Rated December 2016

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Trois Monts Classic Blond Biere de Garde
Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre
Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel, France
RATING: 99 Points ABV: 8.5% 
PRICE: $8.49 
750ml Bottle

Biere de Garde is the only surviving beer style native to France and hails from the Nord region in northern France. Essentially a heftier cousin to saison, this beer is full of fruit, black pepper and a round, pleasing earthiness that makes it right at home with all your Thanksgiving food! 
Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate 
Located: International

World Wide Imperial Stout
Dogfish Head Brewing Company
Milton, Delaware
RATING: 92 Points ABV: 18% 
PRICE: $35.99 
4-pack Bottles

I’m so happy Dogfish decided to resurrect WWS! This massive beer is loaded with notes of raisin, fig, coffee, chocolate and cherry. It is kind of overwhelming, but in the best way possible, so give it a little leeway to fully bask in all the intense glory. So. Darn. Good. 
Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate 
Located: American Craft

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