Beer Department: 90+ Rated April 2020

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IPA | India Pale Ale

Columbus Brewing Co. | Columbus, OH

ABV: 6.3%  |  IBU: 60  |  Rating: 96 points
$9.99  |  6-Pack Cans
PRICE: $17.99  |  12-Pack Cans

This IPA is classic but still stands head and shoulders above its competition for balance, drinkability, and intensity of aroma and flavor. Now available in six packs and twelve packs cans. So good and at a great price! Just in time for pool season.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Pseudo Sue | Pale Ale

Goliath Brewing Co. | Decorah, IA

ABV: 5.8%  |  IBU: 50 |  Rating: 100 points
$11.99  |  4-Pack 16oz Cans

This beer is a hoppy pale ale drinkers dream come true! An all day crusher so good and perfectly balanced. The t-rex will kill the zombie if you get what I’m saying. Stop by, grab some and enjoy.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Carnaval Passion Fruit and Cream ale | American Wild Ale

D9 Brewing Co. | Cornelius, NC

ABV: 8%  |  IBU: N/A  |  Rating: 91 points
$11.99  |  4-Pack Bottles

Just like a sour patch kid starts sour then gets sweet. I love this beer. Passion fruit shines in this one with just the right amount of vanilla and a touch of cream. Sour lovers you can’t pass this one by.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Resin | Double IPA

Sixpoint Brewery | Cincinnati, OH

ABV: 9.1%  |  IBU: 103  |  Rating: 92 points

PRICE: $12.99  |  6-Pack Cans

So glad to have this back in Ohio. Hop bomb full of sticky, piney and resiny hops. While it is a big boy it doesn’t come with the big boy price. Grab a sixer today and enjoy.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft


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