Beer Department: 90+ Rated December 2018

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St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

Christmas Ale

Spiced Ale

St. Bernardus | Watou, Belgium

ABV: 10%  |  IBU: N/A
$22.99  |  4-Pack Bottles

Most Christmas ales don’t really do much for me, but this delicious, Belgian strong dark ale is right up my alley. Sure, it’s sweet and reminiscent of the decadence of the season, but it never becomes cloying or overwhelming. It’s always fruity, spicy, and satisfying.

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: International Beer

Old Nation- Style M-43 NE IPA

M-43 N.E. IPA


Old Nation Brewing |  Williamston, MI

ABV: 6.8%  |  IBU: 65
$19.99  | 4-Pack Cans

Old Nation is coming to Ohio and I couldn’t be more excited! M-43 is their year-round NE-Style IPA and it is a great one! Tons of Calypso, Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hop make this a tropical juice bomb! Plus, Old Nation gives you instructions on the side of their can on how to get the best flavor out of the can. If you have never had M-43 and you’re an IPA fan, give this beer a try. We don’t have the release date yet but stay tuned to @JunglesBeerGuy on Twitter for all of our beer updates!

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Celebration Fresh Hop IPA


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company | Chico, CA

ABV: 6.8%  |  IBU: 65
$8.99  |  6-Pack Bottles

It’s that time of year again and what better way than with Celebration Ale? This is my hands down favorite winter IPA brewed with the big C’s of hops. Sierra uses fresh Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook to brew this piney, yet crushable fresh hop IPA and have been brewing it since 1981.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Great Lake Brewing Company Blackout Stout

Blackout Stout

Imperial Stout

Great Lakes Brewing Company | Cleveland, MI

ABV: 9%  |  IBU: N/A

PRICE:$10.99  |  4-Pack Bottles

Named after the 2003 blackout in Cleveland, this imperial stout is insanely delicious. Assertively roasty, with supporting flavors of caramel and chocolate. Careful, this beer drinks a little too easy!

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: American Craft


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