Beer Department: 90+ Rated January 2019

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Horny Devil

Belgian Strone Pale Ale

Alesmith Brewing Company | San Diego, CA

ABV: 10%  |  IBU: 25  |  Rating: 95 points
$15.99  |  4-Pack Bottles

I’ve always loved Alesmith Brewing Company and I’m extra excited about them now that they’ve begun offering 4-packs at a great price! This Belgian strong pale ale delivers notes of apricot, clove, banana, and black pepper. Beguiling and delicious!

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: American Craft

Trail Blazer

New England IPA

 Connecticut Valley Brewing Company |  South Windsor, CT

ABV: 8%  |  IBU: 69  |  Rating: 90 points
$15.99  | 4-Pack Cans

This beer has been a sleeper hit for us ever since it landed on shelves in December. Citra and Centennial hops power this New England champ, with notes of pineapple, mango, and pine.

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: American Craft

Jai Alai


Cigar City Brewing Company | Tampa, FL

ABV: 7.5%  |  IBU: 70  |  Rating: 99 points
$10.99  |  6-Pack Cans

Another great IPA hits Ohio this month! Jai Alai IPA will be released in cans on January 8 and I, for one, am ecstatic about it! Jai Alai is a perfectly balanced IPA with a touch of fruit and sweet malt. With hints of grapefruit, tropical fruit, resin, and a nice malt finish. For years, our customers have been asking me about this beer and I’m thrilled to say that we’ll soon have it in cans!

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Huma Lupa Licious


Short’s Brewing Company | Elk Rapids, MI

ABV: 7.7%  |  IBU: 70  |  Rating: 94 points

PRICE:$10.99  |  6-Pack Cans

Huma Lupa Licious IPA is balanced as an IPA can get. It’s a hop bomb with a complex malt build that plays extremely well with the hops in this beer. This is a crushable, smooth beer, but at 7.7% ABV, it will catch up with you quickly so be careful!

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft


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