Beer Department: Expert Picks August 2018

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West Side Brewing Company | Cincinnati, Ohio

ABV: 4.9%  |  IBU: N/A
PRICE: $9.99  |  6-Pack Cans

This new brewery on the boundary between Westwood and Cheviot has several tasty beers, but none are as impressive as their Hefeweizen. The classic yeast flavors of banana, clove and bubblegum are present, but restrained and nuanced rather than overblown. This indicates a brewer who really understands the yeast and tightly controls fermentation temperatures. Well done!

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: American Craft

Tropic Hero IPA

Revolution Brewing Company | Chicago, Illinois

ABV: 7.0%  |  IBU: N/A
PRICE: $12.99  |  6-Pack Cans

I revisited this beer at Beer Fest in June and was reminded of how much I love it. It is bursting with flavors of sweet guava, coconut and pineapple. Truly a cut above so many of the other fruity IPAs that are flooding shelves right now.

Recommended by: Eric, Eastgate

Located: American Craft

Cherry Jane Sour Ale

Lagunitas Brewing Company | Petaluma, California

ABV: 5.5%  |  IBU: 9
PRICE: $10.99  |  6-Pack Bottles

I love it! This is a cherry bomb brewed with 30 pounds of Turkish Delight cherries per barrel. Smooth and refreshing, this beer is only 5.5% ABV, meaning you can drink it any time. If you like cherries even half as much as I do, you will love this beer!

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

Mosaic Promise

Founders Brewing Company | Grand Rapids, Michigan

ABV: 5.5%  |  IBU: 50
PRICE: $10.99  |  6-Pack Cans

Every year, I get more and more excited for this beer! It has a great taste, comes at a great price, and you can drink it all day long at the pool or on the lake. It’s brewed exclusively with Mosaic hops and Golden Promise malts, which make the end product simple and delicious. The beer is one of Founders long-running seasonal beers.

Recommended by: Ferdinand, Fairfield

Located: American Craft

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