• Egg-splore Gourmet Galeria’s Egg Gadgets

    With Easter coming up this month, we thought it would be serendipitous to share a few of the cool and quirky egg gadgets that you can find in Gourmet Galeria! Turn your post-Easter hard-boiled eggs into dinosaur heads or pick up a simple egg slicer to make preparing egg salad “egg-ceptionally” easy. All of the tools pictured and listed below can be found on Gourmet Galeria’s famous gadget wall, where you’ll find over 2,000 kitchen gadgets to help make your time in the kitchen efficient,

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  • Ice Cream Month at Gourmet Galeria

    Ice cream. The quintessential summer treat. Beloved of children and adults alike, ice cream is a key component to summer fun! We have it at the pool, at the amusement park, and I’m personally guilty of keeping a pint (or two or three) in my fridge at all times. That’s why we decided to make June Ice Cream Month at Gourmet Galeria! Throughout the month of June, all ice cream gadgets, scoops, and molds are 10% off.

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