• Egg-splore Gourmet Galeria’s Egg Gadgets

    With Easter coming up this month, we thought it would be serendipitous to share a few of the cool and quirky egg gadgets that you can find in Gourmet Galeria! Turn your post-Easter hard-boiled eggs into dinosaur heads or pick up a simple egg slicer to make preparing egg salad “egg-ceptionally” easy. All of the tools pictured and listed below can be found on Gourmet Galeria’s famous gadget wall, where you’ll find over 2,000 kitchen gadgets to help make your time in the kitchen efficient,

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  • Get Ready for Poolside Sipping with Gourmet Galeria’s July Hydration Sale


    It’s that time of the year. You know, when you can’t drive your car without burning your hands on the steering wheel. When you walk outside and immediately break into a sweat. When you water your outdoor plants three times a day and they’re still dry! You know how hot it is: too hot! That’s why this month at Gourmet Galeria, we’re featuring hydration! More than ever, you need to keep yourself and your family hydrated,

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  • Ice Cream Month at Gourmet Galeria

    Ice cream. The quintessential summer treat. Beloved of children and adults alike, ice cream is a key component to summer fun! We have it at the pool, at the amusement park, and I’m personally guilty of keeping a pint (or two or three) in my fridge at all times. That’s why we decided to make June Ice Cream Month at Gourmet Galeria! Throughout the month of June, all ice cream gadgets, scoops, and molds are 10% off.

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  • Gourmet Galeria: Father’s Day Sale

    We know that dads are notoriously hard to shop for. If they want something, they usually already bought it, and when you ask what they want as a gift, the typical response is “I don’t know.” So, we get it. Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming. You need something fun, something useful, and something that will convey the deep appreciation you hold for your father. Plus, the guy has to like whatever you choose!

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  • Gourmet Galeria Mother’s Day Bakeware Sale

    Do Mother’s Day gifts leave you stumped? Or keep you up at night, scouring the web for a gift that your mother will adore? Then look no further than Jungle Jim’s Gourmet Galeria: the largest cookware store in the area that happens to be inside the coolest grocery store around! Shop our special Mother’s Day selection for presents that are guaranteed to outshine your siblings’ gifts and make you the favorite once and for all.

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  • Cooking in the Jungle: Sous Vide

    Sometimes the difference between a home-cooked meal and chef-prepared cuisine is as simple as having the latest tools of the trade. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Pro for Home Sous Vide Circulator by Jeoffery Zakarian now available in Gourmet Galeria. Once a professional secret, this “under vacuum” method takes a little bit longer, but the perfectly predictable results are worth the wait.


    The process is simple and functions like a culinary “hot tub” to slow-cook your food.

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  • We Have Just Returned From The Annual Home And Housewares Show In Chicago And Can Hardly Contain Our Excitement!

    Gourmet Galeria managers, Jenny and Travis, have just returned from the annual Home and Housewares show in Chicago and can hardly contain their excitement. We will be unveiling the bounty of their treasure hunt in upcoming issues.


    Today we want to introduce you to the FINEX cast iron cookware company. This is not your grandmother’s iron skillet, folks! Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by a team of self-described perfectionists, these heirloom pieces boast a lifetime of “happiness” guarantee.

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  • Celebrate Spring with Polish Pottery at Gourmet Galeria!

    As the saying goes, March winds bring April showers; April showers bring May flowers. Are your daffodils blooming as mine are? The meteorological first day of Spring is March 21, just around the corner. I can’t wait! While I’m writing this, I’m hearing that we could have steady rain and possible snow again next week! Predicting weather still seems to be a guessing game, at least in part.

    But it is no guess that our latest delivery of Polish Pottery has arrived.

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  • Hop Into Spring With Gourmet Galeria

    I don’t know about you, but, as for me, February seems to have flown by even faster this year.
    We will be drawing the winner for this month’s Tea Accessory Basket in the next few days. Drop by and register through this Wednesday if you haven’t signed up at our kiosk yet.

    Our March promotions will make you hop into Gourmet Galeria. Once again, spend $50 in Gourmet Galeria and receive a hand-painted Polish Pottery Easter Egg as your gift with purchase.

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  • Happy New Year from Gourmet Galeria!

    Happy New Year! The Holiday Season is a wrap and we in Gourmet Galeria wants to thank each of you who visited with us. We enjoyed seeing many of our long-time customers and meeting new shoppers. We thank you for your patronage and loyalty.

    Now for our big announcement. You don’t have to wait for our Spring Cleaning Sale to save  in Gourmet Galeria. We’ve kicked off the New Year with a Winter Sales Event!

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