The Foodie Press: Pour-Over Coffee

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Coffee is having a moment in popular culture. It’s no longer just the quick, caffeinated beverage that you snag from Speedway on your morning commute. Automatic coffee pots earn scorn and derision from seasoned, hipster coffee drinkers, and heaven forbid you mention Keurig.

If you have the time and inclination, one of the newly favored methods of coffee brewing (for taste and aesthetics – is it worth it if you can’t instagram it?) is the Pour Over. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Seven Hills Coffee, a local artisan coffee roaster, to get the tips on how to do the perfect cup of joe, pour-over style.

  1. As you are heating your water (make sure to use quality water; Seven Hills recommends filtering to get the best results), place the filter in the dripper and rinse with hot water to remove any paper taste and to preheat your cone and vessel.
  2. Place the ground coffee in the filter.
  3. After the water boils, remove from the heat for 30 seconds, then pour just enough water to saturate the grounds, allowing them to bloom. The fresher your coffee, the more dramatic the bloom.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, then pour again in a circular motion, being careful not to pour water at the edge of the grounds where they touch the filter.
  5. Carefully pour the remaining water and control the brew time (3 – 4 minutes) by slowing or stopping the pour intermittently as needed. Keep the water level between ½ and ¾ full in the cone for optimal brewing.
​When you’re done, just fill up your favorite mug and settle in with a good book!

It may not be the simplest method of brewing coffee, but it fully embraces the art of the drink, and it’s sure to impress your friends. Or they’ll think you’re incredibly pretentious. But hey, you’ll look super classy on social media, and that’s all that matters, right?

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