Multimedia Destination for Education and Experience
Experience telepresence tastings, seminars, meetings and more for up to 80 people in this innovative space near our famous Beer and Wine department.
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4450 Eastgate South Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45245
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What is the Jungle Experience Center?

The JXC (Jungle Experience Center) is a multimedia portal to see and absorb the entirety of the Jungle Jim’s adventure, utilizing the latest technology to create a space of education, experience, and community. We offer enhanced beer and wine tasting events, seminars, micro-festivals that incorporate several departments all at once, community events and more. Our goal is to hand-deliver the world to you, right here in the JXC!

Experience our massive 4-panel 110" screens connected with Cisco Telepresence (two-way audio/visual communications) that makes it capable to Taste, Learn, and Connect to virtually anyone, anywhere on any device.


From delightfully unforgettable tastings to information-led classes, interactive seminars and virtual experiences, the JXC is your gateway to the world as only Jungle Jim’s International Market can provide.


Even on our quietest days, there’s a lot happening at Jungle Jim’s. The JXC is our way to connect you to the experts local, national, and international, who know the most and love sharing their knowledge with others.


Jungle Jim’s has always acted as a crossroads by bringing the foods of the world to our shelves and your homes, and the JXC brings us one step closer by creating an even larger, more connected community. That’s what the JXC is all about.

Connect to all the possibilities!

Corporate Events
As one of the few places locally with Cisco Telepresence capabilities, we are the ideal venue for your next off-site meeting space. We have all the amenities you would need to serve you, with high-speed Internet, our wine and beer Tasting Bar, the region’s Food Lovers’ Paradise along with many restaurants in close proximity to provide excellent catering options, and the tools you need to get the job done.

Private Events
Along with our Cisco Telepresence, we have an incredible sound-engineered room, ideal for small functions such as bridal showers, club meetings, office parties, and more. Internet access, audio/visual amenities and access to our tasting bars, grocery, and local restaurants make entertaining at the JXC a breeze.

JXC Amenities

• Free ample parking
• Updated high-speed wi-fi
• Microphones
• Black, white or ivory lap length linens
• Flip charts/easels

• State of the art conferencing solution called Cisco TelePresence. It provides video and audio conferencing to virtually anyone anywhere on any device.
• The television is a 4-panel 110″ screen capable of showing conferencing video, computer, or cable tv.
• Multitude of menu options sure to exceed your expectations.
• Array of corporate and social packages available.

Food & Menus

As a part of Jungle Jim’s International Market, the Jungle Jim’s Experience Center has access to an unparalleled selection of food options. We can offer you endless possibilities. Headed by our executive chef, our full onsite catering team can procure and prepare the freshest foods possible and customize any menu to match your vision!

Contact us today to learn more about the culinary possibilities for your event at the Jungle Jim’s Experience Center!




Jungle Experience Center (JXC)

Located inside Jungle Jim’s Eastgate!
Jungle Experience Center is located near the Beer and Wine Tasting Bar.

Jungle Experience Center (JXC) in Jungle Jim’s Eastgate
4450 Eastgate South Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

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