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We’re excited to offer a few of our favorite things from throughout Jungle Jim’s International Market for home delivery! Our Gift Baskets and Party Trays are second to none, taking their cue from the vast inventory of unique, hard to find, and most importantly, fun items found throughout our stores! And now, we’re bringing you a whole new way to experience the Jungle Discovery Box! Be sure to check back regularly, because this curated box changes every month, so there’s a lot of discovering to do!

Gift Baskets

It should come as no surprise that we think our Gift Baskets are second to none. With more than 180,000 products to choose from, each basket can be as unique as our stores. From fruit to chocolate, organic, globe trotting, and even congratulatory and celebratory, our Gift Baskets are a great way to say Thank You, or to give someone “just because.” Send someone a little piece of the Jungle!

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Party Trays

Jungle Jim's party trays aren't like other party trays. Filled with high-quality ingredients from our famed Produce department and Cheese Shop, our Party Trays feature top-notch meats from Boar's Head and deli salads made here in our kitchen. To create our Party Trays, we bring together everything that makes Jungle Jim's exceptional, then serve it to you on an impeccably-designed platter.

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Produce Delivered

Produce Delivered is Jungle Jim’s fresh fruit initiative aimed at providing healthy snack alternatives to workplaces, schools, and homes. We create hand packed fruit crates consisting of local, seasonal, and sometimes unique and uncommon fruits that we then ship to you for local delivery.

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Classes at Jungle Jim’s International Market include an award-winning culinary experiences unlike anything else in the area. Hands-on and demonstration classes are your way to improve your kitchen craft and learn new skills, with recipes and methods that will wow friends and family alike. Our class offerings vary from season to season, so check back often - you’ll be sure to find something to get excited about.

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Jungle Fests aren’t just festivals, they’re festivals Jungle-style. Craft beer, fine wine, delicious cheese, insane hot sauces and other fiery foods, and more all have their time in the spotlight with festivals that bring the best and brightest of each to everyone who attends. Catch tickets when they go on sale to save some money, or order ahead of time to guarantee your entry. Get tickets to our next Jungle Fest today!

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For those who prefer a more intimate experience, our Tastings range from quiet, sit down Wine Cellar tastings to bustling, monthly Walkabouts of Fine, with a few surprises in between. There’s always something in the works, so keep your eye on this space to find out what we have up our sleeves.

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You can't blame us for trying to put some of the our selection into a singular experience, but that's what's in a Jungle Box! It's a great way to experience a little piece of the Jungle. We've taken some of our best sellers as well as items that are unique to the Jungle and put them in a easy to ship...and easy to order format. Each box is packed with as much of the Jungle as will fit and will delight you or whoever you're sending it to.

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Gift Cards

Give the gift of the Jungle! Share the wildness of Jungle Jim’s International Market with anyone! Our gift cards are good at both locations and online (with some restrictions), so whether shopping around the world or checking out a Jungle Fest, Tasting, or other event, a Jungle Jim’s gift card is the perfect way to help others experience Jungle Jim’s for themselves!

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