We think we’re a lot of fun, but don’t take our word for it. See what others have to say about Jungle Jim’s International Market, then plan your trip and visit us to find out for yourself!

  • “Jungle’s approach to business may be unusual, but he’s a wildly successful retailer with a business that cannot be compared to any other in the world!”

    George Whalin, “Retail Superstars: Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America”

    Hands down one of the best experiences in Cincinnati – especially if you love food!

    Brad L

    “A fine place to find anything you want or need as well as things you’d never expected.”

    Bill K
  • “The Brooklyn Bridge, Hoover Dam, The Great Wall of China, the beer section at Jungle Jim’s International Market. Marvels of human invention, each of them.”

    Evan Altman,
  • “Love love love Jungle Jim’s you can get anything there”

    Amy M

    “Well placed product of all nationalities, at decent prices as well a friendly staff would gladly come back time and time again.”

    Ethan D

    “Really enjoyed my visit to Jungle Jim’s! I was amazed at the variety of foods there. I was there for some Japanese food items and I wasn’t disappointed. They also have the biggest cheese selection I’ve ever seen.”

    Naomi F

    Winner “America’s Best Restroom” – Jungle Jim’s International Market – Fairfield, Ohio

    Cintas’ “America’s Best Restroom” 2007
  • “It’s part grocery store, but part amusement park,”

    Bobby Williams, Food Tripping With Molly
  • “…Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! of grocery stores,”

    Matt Siegel,

    “You’ll find things there you can’t get anywhere else. Incredible imports, produce and meats. A liquor department that’s the largest in the region. The animatronic figures throughout the store are entertaining. It’s an experience, not just a store.”

    Lucy T

    “Best place in the entire world to shop. Have a beer, shop some, have another beer, shop some more, repeats as necessary.”

    David S
  • “…seven-plus-acre food-based freak-out in suburban Cincinnati.”

    “A theme park grocery store with exhibits! If you need it, you are likely to find it at Jungle Jim’s.”

    Michele B
  • Best Places For Beer in the United States
  • “It’s a super-sized grocery store that’s also a tourist attraction”

    Wailing Wong, Signal v. Noise

    “Clean and always fun shopping there”

    Jen W

    “My favorite place in OH because it provides different products from Multinational origins.”

    Manea A
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