Jungle Fests

We think every Jungle Fest is an important, fun, and educational part of the Jungle Jim’s experience. Every day, we’re stocking the shelves with unique, interesting, and hard to find items from just around the corner to all the way around the world, so our Jungle Fest’s are a great way to showcase and highlight what we do in our stores, day in and day out. Craft beer, wine, cheese, natural foods and supplements, fiery foods, and more all get their time to shine throughout the year. So check the calendar, grab some friends, and join us for a festival or two, Jungle-style!

Whiskey Night

This year, we’re taking it back to the earliest days of American history to pay homage to whiskey’s rich American heritage! As one of America’s signature creations, whiskey, especially bourbon, is a celebrated cultural artifact that transcends generations. Rediscover your love for America’s classic spirit with Jungle Jim’s Whiskey Night: Frontier Style!

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International Craft Beer Festival

Jungle Jim’s International Craft Beer Festival is a weekend dedicated to everything awesome about Craft Beer - it’s creation, the breweries, the people behind them and their fans.

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Weekend of Fire

Hot sauce, salsas, mustards, rubs, hot sauce, marinades, beef jerky, and, oh, did we mention hot sauce? We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s Weekend of Fire will take place with a new twist! This year, we’re adding flair to our fiery foods fest by doing it up Fiesta Style! Weekend of Fire Fiesta Style celebrates a spin on heat by incorporating flavor influences from one of the spiciest food cultures in the world: Mexico!

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International Wine Festival

For two November nights, we’re pulling out all the stops and throwing the biggest party around with over 90 wineries and more than 400 wines, an incredible array of charcuterie, and more. Whether you’re new to wine, or a connoisseur, we’re ready to show you just how much fun wine can be!

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New Year, New You

We’re teaming up with Mercy Health - Fairfield Hospital to bring you a full day of natural food, supplements, and health-related product samples, activities, screenings, and more.

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Barrel-Aged Beer Bash

Let’s celebrate the art of barrel aging by bringing together beers of all kinds. From light and funky, to sour and bright, to deep, dark, and roasty - there’s something for everyone to try and enjoy.

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Big Cheese Festival

Family friendly, crafted for both fanatics and easygoing cheese enthusiasts alike, The Big Cheese Festival is a two day homage to fromage, honoring age old traditions and celebrating new flavors at the same time.

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