Boogie on Down to Candy From the 70’s!

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​​A candy icon – Pop Rocks!  Who remembers that funky crackle sound? And boy was it a shock when one exploded! Contrary to popular belief, eating a mixture of Pop Rocks & soda won’t make your stomach explode… but the FDA did set up a hotline for concerned parents!

​​Originally developed in 1952 and called Lik-M-Aid, the ever popular Fun Dip, with the powder candy Lik-A-Stix wasn’t introduced until the 1970’s. Just be careful and don’t eat the whole thing at once. Your taste buds won’t be happy. Right on!

​If you can dig it, let’s talk about Bubble Gum Cigarettes. Blow on the end of this cool candy and powdered sugar will come out – resembling white “smoke.”

​Our next stop down Memory Lane will be Like – Totally Radical – as we visit the hyper decade of the 1980’s.  Be sure to check out the 70’s candy and toys at both Jungle Jim’s locations!

Lizz J.
Candy Department

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