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Camembert au Calvados: You Need To Try This

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This is one of the most unique cheeses that we carry in the Jungle Jim’s Cheese Shop! Camembert is traditionally made in the Normandy region of France. While Camembert au Calvados is made in Normandy in the traditional way that is where the tradition ends. Once the cheese is made they submerge it in Calvados Brandy for 3-5 hours allowing the cheese to soak up the flavor of the spirit. Since Camembert has a very intense flavor that is sometimes too pungent for most, the soaking process helps to develop a fruitiness to the cheese, making it more approachable. It still keeps its funky flavor but the brandy really takes it to a different level.


You can find Camembert au Calvados in The Cheese Shop in both stores for $11.49 a package


Jacob H.
The Cheese Shop

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