• Herb ‘N Jungle Feature: CBD Oils

    Have you heard? Jungle Jim’s International Market sells CBD oils, also known as hemp oil concentrates. These are high-grade oils that are derived from hemp plants and can be used to treat inflammation, curb stress and anxiety, and improve motor skills. Many patients suffering from chronic pain have found relief by incorporating CBD oil into their treatments. And in fact, for some children with epilepsy, CBD oil provides relief from seizures when other treatment options fail.

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  • Eastgate Kombucha Bar Is Now Open!

    Jungle Jim’s Eastgate is thrilled to announce that our very own Kombucha Bar is now open! This new addition is a gorgeous, expansive wooden bar that is not only home to our brand new tea taproom, but also features CBD oils, essential oils, gemstones, jewelry, and much more.

    As you probably know by now, Jungle Jim’s International Market is more than a simple grocery store; it’s an experience-based destination! That’s why our kombucha bars,

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  • New Year New You 2018 Recap

    ​Along with the new year, Jungle Jim’s welcomed you to join us at our 2018 New Year, New You Festival! This past weekend, Oscar Event Center was filled with more than 50 booths of free screenings and healthy food choices, we hosted awesome exercise sessions, and provided information to help you jump start the new year! We want to thank Mercy Health – Fairfield for their partnership and for providing free screening opportunities, as well as our partner vendors for bringing out some awesome food and drink for you to try.

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