Inspire Your Inner Chef

Jungle Jim’s is the premier destination for all of your kitchen needs. Hundreds of handy gadgets, top of the line, brand name cutlery, cookware, bakeware, and more! Where else can you buy everything you need for your kitchen and everything you need to make awesome and interesting meals?


Our knife case is packed with premium brands from around the world including WÜSTHOF which is one of the few brands permitted to use the label “Made in Solingen”. Solingen, Germany is the steel manufacturing capital of the world and home to the finest cutlery.


When it comes to stews, soups or slow-cooking you can’t beat Staub’s cocottes. Cast iron with an exquisite enamel finish these pieces will be in your family for generations. Oven safe and fit for all stovetops the cocotte is perfect for nearly any meal. 

Lodge Cast Iron

Since 1896 Lodge has been creating some of the most durable and versatile heirloom-quality cast iron cookware and accessories. No kitchen is complete without a few of these tried and true culinary tools in your collection.

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