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Have You Checked Out Our Organic Produce Yet?

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Jungle Jim’s International Market is known for our Produce Department (domestic and international), but did you know we have one of the largest selections of USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO produce in the region? We’re proud of the quality of the produce that we’re able to acquire, so when it comes to organic, we make sure to bring in only the best. 
So why buy organic? Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Better flavor – From the way the soil is maintained, to how the fruits and vegetables are handled, organic fruits have a more natural flavor to them. 
  • Avoid chemical contact – While all efforts to remove any chemical residue are made – in most cases, pesticides and fungicides that are used to prevent disease and destruction by insects – most organic products are naturally pesticide and fungicide free (or are only exposed to certified natural products). So there’s less chance to come into contact with them.
  • More nutrients, more nutritional value – Because the soil in which this produce is grown is managed in an ecological and sustainable way, you may see more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients than you would in commercially grown foods.
  • Organic means non-GMO – GMO (or Genetically Modified Organisms) produce has been altered through genetic engineering in one or various ways, but Organic produce is 100% natural and not modified in any way.
So next time you’re on the hunt for something to create your next culinary masterpiece with or you just want to give Organic Produce a try, come inside and take a look at what Jungle Jim’s has to offer. 

Mark C.
Organic Produce

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