Holidays at the Jungle – It’s Easy Bein’ Green…

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With over 12 feet of shelf space dedicated to these seasonal selections, you won’t find a larger selection of fresh greens in Cincinnati!
During the holidays, we purchase and sell A LOT of produce, but right about now, we’re seeing an influx of beautiful, fresh greens in preparation for Thanksgiving and the meals to come!
On the shelves right now, we have kale, mustard, turnip, and collard, with fresh shipments coming in daily – so you know we’re going to have the freshest product on the shelf, and your meals will be that much better (and better for you). 
Fun fact: Last year, our Produce Department sold over 16 THOUSAND pounds of greens for the holidays. 
While we always see an increase in visitors over the holidays, this time of year is one of our favorites, as we see customers who make their yearly trek from Indiana, Kentucky, and other locales, just to visit the Produce Department to purchase greens at Jungle Jim’s. 
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