Jungle Jim’s On The Distance Podcast!

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Recently, members of the Jungle Jim’s team were able to sit down with Wailin Wong, of The Distance, a podcast about long-running independent businesses. Wailin came down from Chicago for a quick visit to our Fairfield location, where she learned a bit about the history and the day-to-day of Jungle Jim’s International Market. What followed was a great series of conversations about the almost infinite number of things that Jungle Jim’s what it is – a question we still have a hard time answering ourselves. 
You can listen to the podcast here: https://thedistance.com/jungle-jims/

Or, if you’re unable to listen, you can read the transcript. ​

Our sincere thanks to Wailin and The Distance Podcast for asking us to tell a bit of our story. We think there’s still so much to talk about and hope to have them back for another round of discussions about the past, present and future of Jungle Jim’s. 
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