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Lego – Inspiring and Developing the Builders of Tomorrow

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We are very excited to carry LEGO because ​their​ products inspire children to learn through play! The​y provide fun, engaging and creative play experiences that help children develop social, emotional and intellectual skills, laying a foundation that lasts a lifetime.​ ​The possibilities for learning with LEGO are endless!

Fun LEGO Facts:

  • LEGO was originally called ​”​Automatic Binding Bricks​”​.
  • The first one ​was made in 1932 out of wood.
  • Every single brick created since 1958 can still interlock together.
  • The name LEGO comes from the Danish language.
  • Every person on earth owns on average 86 LEGO bricks.
  • If LEGO figurines were real people, they would be the world’s largest population. 
  • L​EGO is the world’s largest tire manufacturer.

Stop by Eastgate’s Toy Balloon to see our great selection of LEGO sets for all ages including​: LEGO City, Duplo, Friends, Creator, Ninjago, ​Nexo Knights, ​Star Wars and many more!​ Stay tuned Fairfield customers! LEGO will also be sold at our Fairfield store in the next few months.​

Debbie B.
The Toy Balloon

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