Madisono’s and Kilgour Gelato Collaboration – Dough with the Flow

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​Have you ever wondered what goes into a creating a great gelato? Madisono’s fabulous new flavor, “Dough with the Flow”, starts with a base of natural vanilla, yummified with homemade cookie dough and Oreo cookies. A principal ingredient you won’t find listed on the label, however, is the passionate team work of 95 sixth grade math students form Kilgour Elementary.
The collaboration began four years ago following a chance conversation between Matt Madison, Madisono’s CEO, and Mary Schlueter, Kilgour parent and founder of P.I.E (Partnership for Innovation in Education). This is now the 4th year that Matt has led teams of students through every step of creating their own unique flavor. Learning that math can be fun and useful in surprising ways, the sixth graders develop and implement surveys to collect market research data. Data analysis, statistics, cost and profit margin computation as well as marketing are all part of the process. “Students are able to see the entrepreneurial vision,” according to Matt, “and get a taste of empowerment as they take their product from concept to completion.”  
Of course, the best taste of all is the one that melts in your mouth. The Dough with the Flow creation is reminiscent of the best old fashioned cookies and cream you can remember with charmingly chewy cookie dough added for a textural, flavorful delight. This new arrival can be found in the Italian freezer section in both stores for a limited time, so get your spoons and taste buds ready and scoop up a pint before it’s too late!
Annie B.

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