Oh, Sheep! Sheep Milk Month at the Cheese Shop

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This month at the Jungle Jim’s Cheese Shop, we’re celebrating everything sheep!

Sheep milk cheese is often very rare and harder to find than cow or goat milk cheeses. This is partly because sheep only have two teats while cows have four. This means that sheep produce less milk than their bovine counterparts, and, resultantly, sheep cheese is not as popular in the United States.

However, the rarity of sheep milk has made sheep cheese one of the world’s most popular cheeses! Sheep milk is high in fat, minerals, and solids, which means that it’s easily made into cheese. Pecorino Romano, feta, manchego, and Roquefort are all made with sheep milk. These cheeses, and others made with sheep milk, are extraordinarily rich with a creaminess that is difficult to achieve in cheeses made with cow’s milk.

This month, we’re featuring our favorite sheep milk cheeses, including:

  • Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper, an aged sheep milk cheese made in Holland.
  • Fromager d’Affinois Brebicet, a unique “melt in your mouth” French sheep cheese.
  • Nordic Creamery Raw Milk Sheep Cheddar Cheese, a sweet, mild, and delicious cheddar made from sheep milk.

Stop by the Cheese Shop at either location to experience sheep milk cheese for yourself!


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