Olive Pit 101 – Let’s Learn About The Olive Pit!

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​Welcome to the first installment of Olive Pit 101! This is an introduction to the wonderfully fascinating – and delicious – world of olives!  This week, we’re going to discuss a few of the basics when it comes to olives. For instance: did you know that olives are a fruit? They are! They’re grown on a tree, like an apple, and the tree is grown by starting with a seed. Olives can come with or without the pit, so be sure you check the signage at the The Olive Pit, or ask someone behind the counter!
​Speaking of seeds, in everyday language we use the word seed for the hard center of a fruit, but when it comes to olives, the seed is called the “pit,” like we do for peaches.  Another term used in Olive Land is brine. A brine is the liquid that the olives are preserved in – which a lot of people may call the :juice” –  but we regularly refer to as their brine. There are 3 types of olive brines: plain water, salt water, or oil, all of which are indicated on signage we have at the Olive Pit, but don’t be afraid to ask! 
Now, let’s talk ripeness! When it comes to olives there are 3 types of ripeness: 

  • Green – the unripened, first picked of the season, 
  • Blush – the midseason pick
  • Black – the most ripe, these are the last olives picked for the season.  
​So there it is, your introduction to the world of olives at Jungle Jim’s! Next time you’re coming through, be sure to stop by The Olive Pit at either location and talk to one of our Olive Experts about our full and fun selection of olives!

Jenny H.
The Olive Pit

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