The Cincy Brewcast Visits Jungle Jim’s

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​​Let’s Talk Craft Beer…

​The Voice of Cincy Craft Beer, hosted by Cincy Craft Beer connoisseur and champion – @TheGnarlyGnome – visited us at the Tasting Bar last week to discuss what makes a grocery store growler and tasting bar so special, as well our upcoming Barrel Aged Beer Bash. So sit back and relax while The Gnarly Gnome and part of the @JunglesBeerGuy team talk about all things craft beer and Jungle Jim’s! 

Click HERE to listen! 

​And don’t forget, we’ll be recording with Cincy Brewcast again at this year’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash! Cheers! 

About Cincy Brewcast:


“Cincy Brewcast is a Cincinnati, Ohio based podcast covering anything craft – more specifically craft beer. If you want some details on who we are you can read about us, or even easier you can just start listening to the show! We’re available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Google Play… all sorts of podcasting platforms for you if you want to listen in a standard podcast format. You can also do it the fun way and listen on Periscope! We have a live Periscope broadcast (look for @cincybrewcast) that we try to do whenever we record live.”

About The Gnarly Gnome:


​”I have a confession to make. I’m not actually a gnome. I’m not even as gnome-like as you’d probably like me to be. I consider myself a semi-anonymous blogger because if you’re determined… it’s not even really all that hard to figure out who I am… Hell, offer to buy me a beer and I’ll gladly come up and introduce myself. So why?

This blog isn’t about me… not even in the slightest. You might catch a glimmer of my opinions here and there, but this blog is 100% about Cincinnati’s beer scene… her breweries… her brewers… her beers. I upset people because of that, so I will apologize before anything else, and tell you that yes, I am a cheerleader for Cincinnati Beer. Sure… I’m a bit of suck up to Cincinnati. And no… if I don’t personally like a beer, you’re not going to read about it here, because always remember: It’s not about me… it’s about Cincinnati Beer.”

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