The Kids’ Corner – December 2021

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Welcome to The Kids' Corner!

Parents tend to have a few run-ins with picky eaters. For this reason, we’ve created The Kids Corner: products for kids and reviewed by kids! We hope these suggestions may ease some tension when walking down the aisles; after all, it’s a Jungle out there!


Pomelo is considered a citrus fruit and it is closely related to grapefruits, and is primarily found in Southeast Asia, which is its native region. Pomelos take eight years to grow before the seeds can begin to flower and bear any fruit. Pomelos are particularly rich in vitamin C and potassium. They are also a good source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. It holds some important vitamins such as niacin, and low quantities of thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin B-6 too. All of these nutrients make pomelos a healthy fruit.


Don Popp’s Honey

Don Popp’s Honey Farm is a family owned and operated business located in Hamilton, Ohio. Don Popp’s Honey is harvested from 1000+ hives spread out over Butler, Warren, and Preble counties, and into Indiana. Consuming local honey has been linked to alleviation of allergies brought on by regional irritants, native to the area. Don Popp’s Honey Farm offers as assortment of products including bee pollen, candy, beeswax, face scrubs, and of course, honey!

– Matteo

Cento Black Beans

Cento Black Beans are the perfect healthy addition to your favorite soup, salad or chili recipe. Delicious while also being nutritious, black beans are gluten-free and a good source of protein, while being low in fat.

– Leo

Sabra Hummus & Pretzel Snackers

Sabra Snackers Classic Hummus with Pretzels makes snack time easy with pre-portioned snacks. Made from a satisfying blend of chickpeas, garlic, and ground sesame seeds and served with pretzel crisps, each pack is perfect for convenient snacking at home or on the go.

– Lena

Ferris Nut Co. Roasted & Salted Cashews

Bursting with flavor, our hand-selected whole cashews are roasted to buttery perfection and sprinkled with just the right amount of salt. A premium treat fit for everyday snacking. Add these into Thai-style curry, create your own homemade nut butter, or top your favorite dessert.

– Reagan

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