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The Kids’ Corner – March 2021

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Welcome to The Kids' Corner!

Parents tend to have a few run-ins with picky eaters. For this reason, we’ve created The Kids Corner: products for kids and reviewed by kids! We hope these suggestions may ease some tension when walking down the aisles; after all, it’s a Jungle out there!

Lay’s Potato Chips – Cucumber Flavor

Everybody likes potato chips. But this Chinese version is a refreshing spin on the American classic. Part of Lay’s Cool & Refreshing lineup, Cucumber Flavor is a favorite in China, alongside Lime, Cherry Tomato, Kiwi, and Blueberry flavors. That’s correct. Fruit flavored potato chips. As strange as these may sound, they’ve actually accumulated a following due to their sweet and salty flavor profile!


Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites

The full, hearty taste of whole grains and warm cinnamon come together in Kodiak Cakes Cinnamon Bear Bites. Each Frontier Graham Cracker the traditional way using only 100% whole grains, non-GMO ingredients, and pack each serving with 5 grams of protein. Stash them in your backpack before you hit the trail, pack a few for lunch, and be sure to keep a box in your desk drawer for those days you need a real food snack to keep you roaming till the sun sets.

– Matteo

Gia Russa Lupini Beans

Lupini beans are legumes that are popular throughout the Mediterranean, and are commonly eaten pickled or as a snack. Also called lupins, they’re sometimes used as a meat substitute because of their abundant amino acid profile, which is comparable to soy, making lupini beans an excellent source of protein.

– Leo

Kashi Soft-Baked Breakfast Bars

A delicious breakfast bar made with berries, Kashi Seven Whole Grain Flour, rolled oats, and a touch of honey. With 10g of whole grain, 2.5g total fat, and 3g fiber per 35g serving, they’re an ideal quick breakfast treat or snack for work or school, post-workout bite, or late-night treat; Stow in lunchboxes, totes, & backpacks.

– Lena


Bananas are a tasty and convenient source of some important nutrients. People have grown this tropical fruit since ancient times, and its health benefits have been promoted for more than a century. You can eat bananas raw or mixed in your favorite smoothie. You can enjoy your own homemade peanut butter-banana sandwich, banana bread, or banana muffins. The possibilities are plentiful.

– Reagan

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