The Kids’ Corner – May 2023

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Welcome to The Kids' Corner!

Parents tend to have a few run-ins with picky eaters. For this reason, we’ve created The Kids Corner: products for kids and reviewed by kids! We hope these suggestions may ease some tension when walking down the aisles; after all, it’s a Jungle out there!

Jir Apor N Sun Dried Banana

Sun-dried bananas are the bomb! They’re like regular bananas, but better because they’re all chewy and full of flavor. They taste sweet and kind of caramelized, which makes them extra delicious. I love how they’re easy to carry around, so I can have a healthy snack whenever I want. They’re perfect for school lunches or on-the-go munching. Sun-dried bananas are my new favorite treat!


Simply Orange Juice

Simply Orange juice is hands down the best juice I’ve ever had! It tastes so fresh and natural, like they squeezed the oranges right into the bottle. The orange flavor is super intense and not too sweet, which I love. It’s perfect for breakfast or just as a refreshing drink any time of the day. If it didn’t have forever chemicals in it, it would definitely my go-to juice!


– Matteo

Gusto Corn Puffs

Gusto Corn Puffs are the best snack ever! They’re like little clouds of corn that melt in your mouth. The flavor is amazing, like a burst of cheesy goodness with a hint of spice. They’re not too greasy, which is great. I could eat them all day, every day. Whenever I have a bag of Gusto Corn Puffs, it’s like a party in my tummy! 


– Leo


Watermelons are the coolest fruit ever! They’re huge and green on the outside, and when you cut them open, they’re bright red and juicy. It’s like a party in your mouth! The best part is spitting out the seeds and having seed-spitting contests with my friends. They’re super refreshing, especially on hot summer days. Watermelons are like nature’s candy, and I can’t get enough of them!!


– Lena

Annies Mac & Cheese

Annie’s Mac & Cheese is the bomb! It’s way better than the boring old boxed macaroni and cheese. The noodles are so cheesy and creamy, and they taste like real cheese, not that fake stuff. Plus, they have cool shapes like shells and bunnies. It’s super easy to make, too. Just boil the noodles, mix in the cheese sauce, and voila! It’s my go-to comfort food and I always ask my parents to buy more.


– Reagan

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