The Kids’ Corner – September 2022

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Welcome to The Kids' Corner!

Parents tend to have a few run-ins with picky eaters. For this reason, we’ve created The Kids Corner: products for kids and reviewed by kids! We hope these suggestions may ease some tension when walking down the aisles; after all, it’s a Jungle out there!

BelGioioso Smoked Scamorza-Rella

BelGioioso Scamorza-Rella™ is crafted from an old Italian recipe and hand-formed into the traditional shape. This cheese is naturally cured for extended shelf life and available in two varieties, Traditional and Smoked with Natural Hickory. Scamorza-Rella™ is a marriage between Fresh Mozzarella and Provolone, boasting a rich and smooth flavor enhanced with age. Use as a unique, flavorful substitute for mozzarella in any recipe.



De Cecco Rotelle Wagon Wheel Pasta

From the beginning of the twentieth century, mechanics and the automotive industry have inspired many forms of pasta, such as Radiatori (radiators) or Lancette (clock hands). Rotelle (cog wheels) is also a result of this tradition and has a round shape with spokes joined to a ridged rim. Enjoy them served with tomato sauce with or without meat, or this pasta is perfect in broth and minestrone. Try them when preparing delicious, colorful pasta salads.


– Matteo

Peacock Melon

The Orange-Flesh Honeydew is a result of musk melon and honeydew. It tastes like a cantaloupe with the extra sweetness of a honeydew. They’re super juicy and flavorful, and you need to taste one. Melons are so refreshing and delicious that sometimes they’re best when sliced and diced. A straightforward way to spice up (literally) sliced melon is to add a little Tajin. So good!


– Leo

Bare Baked Apple Chips

Bare Baked Crunchy Apple Chips are made from fresh apples sliced, then slowly baked to a perfect crunch, with no added sugar and no preservatives. Unlike other dried fruit options, Bare combines the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a chip, which makes them a portable, convenient, anytime snack that’s genuinely satisfying.


– Lena

Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

It’s time to bite into cheesy, crunchy goodness! Everyone agrees that Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers are delicious baked bites. This is not your typical, bland snack. These bunny-shaped cheese crackers are bursting with flavor and bring big fun to anyone that gives them a try. Your kiddos will enjoy the great taste, and parents will love that they’re made with real cheese and without artificial flavors or synthetic colors.


– Reagan

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