The Kids’ Corner – September 2023

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Welcome to The Kids' Corner!

Parents tend to have a few run-ins with picky eaters. For this reason, we’ve created The Kids Corner: products for kids and reviewed by kids! We hope these suggestions may ease some tension when walking down the aisles; after all, it’s a Jungle out there!

Dried Mango

Dried mango is like a tropical treat! It’s chewy and sweet, and I love the tangy flavor. It’s like having a mini vacation in my mouth. Dried mango is my go-to snack when I want something fruity and delicious.


– Matteo


Watermelon is like a juicy slice of heaven! It’s the perfect summer snack. The bright red flesh is so sweet and refreshing, and it’s like a burst of happiness in every bite. I enjoy spitting out the black seeds and having seed-spitting contests with my friends. Watermelon is the ultimate fruit of summertime fun!


– Lena

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Honey Maid Graham Crackers are so yummy! They’re sweet and crispy, and they taste great on their own or with marshmallows for s’mores. I like how they have a hint of honey flavor. Graham crackers are my go-to snack for camping trips or picnics.


– Reagan

Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios are my all-time favorite cereal! They’re sweet and crunchy, and I love the hint of honey. The little O-shaped pieces are so fun to eat. They make my milk taste delicious and I could eat them every day for breakfast.


– Leo

JJ Quiche

JJ Quiche is so delicious! It’s like a mini pie filled with yummy ingredients. I love the flaky crust and the cheesy, savory filling. It’s a perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. JJ Quiche is a treat that always leaves me wanting more!


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