The Olive Pit 101 – “Advanced” Olives

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Now that we’ve talked about what we consider to be “beginner” and “intermediate” olives, let’s talk advanced, you know, olives that are on the bolder side. 

​​If you like bold, salty, and pungent then you will love the Moroccan. This olive is salt cured, which means it’s placed in a vat of salt, making this is one of our saltiest and most intense olives.  

​If you like green olives, try our Sicilian with Herb olive. The Sicilian is a large, meaty olive that is firm and bold in flavor. We then marinate it in a blend of garlic and herb infused oil – the result is this delightfully flavorful and thoroughly entertaining olive.  

​​Lebanon has 2 delicious olives that we carry at The Olive Pit – the Green and Black Lebanese.  These olives are both delicious in their own right. If you like a ripe olive go with the Black, but if you a firmer olive, try the green.  They are both bold and assertive in flavor, which will tantalize your palate. 

​​Another favorite: the Sevillana con Limon. This olive is from Spain and has a deep and complex flavor. The Sevillana con Limon is our only olive that has a hint of curry, offering a beautiful blend of spices and color that will not only excite your taste buds but your tabletop, as well. 

​​One of our favorite olive mixtures is Lou Pistou, from France, which is a blend of ripe and green olives in a delectable wine vinegar and garlic brine. They’re very aromatic, with a strong herbal component. We think the Lou Pistou mix will become one of your favorite blends once you try these tender, rich olives.  
Be sure to stop by The Olive Pit and ask one of our Olive Experts for a sample or a suggestion for your all your olive needs!

Jenny H.
The Olive Pit

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