The Olive Pit 101 – Intermediate Olives!

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​Now that you are familiar with the beginner olives, let’s take a stroll into the world of what we’ll call intermediate ones. 
​​If you like a more ripened olive, the Alfonso may be the olive for you! A beautiful purple color, it is meaty, fruity and tart with a bold flavor. The Alfonso olive is in a red wine vinegar brine and is the only olive that we carry that is from South America.  
​Another wonderful olive is the Cuquillo from Spain. Cuquillo olives are a ripe, soft olive that has a rich, sweet, smoky taste, which we find to be a true delight. Another Spanish olive to try: the Arbequina, which is small in size, but big in taste. This little olive is very rich, earthy, and nutty. And while we’re still talking about Spanish olives, I have to tell you about the Empeltre! The Empletre is a gorgeous shade of deep burgundy and the taste is out of this world. A soft, rich, and buttery olive, it’s easy to eat and palate pleasing to most olive fans.  
​But what about Greece? Here’s one for you – the Amphissa. This ripe olive is soft, juicy, and smooth. A fun fact about this olive: 70% of all table olives grown in Greece are Amphissa.  Another wonderful Greek olive is the Hondrelia. This olive is a beautiful blush color, it is very meaty and firm with a salty and verdant taste. 
Really, these are just a few of the intermediate olives we have at The Olive Pit, so stop by and ask one of our Olive Experts for a recommendation and a sample. You won’t be disappointed! 

Jenny H.
The Olive Pit

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