The Olive Pit 101 – Over The Brine

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Brine… We’ve heard it referred to as “juice,” so we want to set the record straight and give you a little bit of info about that delicious liquid that makes your olives so tasty.

The most simple explanation: the brine is the liquid that olives are preserved in, a liquid that is heavily saturated with salt. In the World of Olives, there are several different types.

  • Water brine – A milder, less salty brine. Some olives that commonly rest in a water brine are Black, Red or Green Cerignola, and Black Portuguese, just to name a few.
  • Salt brine – Olives in a salt brine will be more salty (logical, we know). This is a more traditional brine for olives. Some olives that can be found in a salt brine are Castelvetrano, our Pitted mix, Manzanilla, Royal, and Chalkidiki.
  • Red vinegar brine – This brine is exactly what it sounds like: olives in a salty red wine vinegar. Kalamata, Greek Pitted Mix, and Alfonso olives are typically brined with red wine vinegar.
  • Oil brine – Olives in this type of brine usually have something stuff inside, such as cheese. Our most popular varieties are Cheddar Cheese Stuffed, Blue Cheese Stuffed, Garlic Stuffed, Herb and Garlic Marinated, and Sicilian and Herb Marinated. 

Next time you’re in the Jungle Jim’s neighborhood, be sure to stop by The Olive Pit and ask one of our Olive Experts for a taste of some delicious olives in your favorite brine.

Jenny H.
The Olive Pit

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