The Olive Pit Asks: To Pit or Not to Pit…

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That is the question! How does a delicious, whole, Kalamata sound? Now, we’re sure you’re thinking, “Of course the olive is whole! I don’t want it sliced…”  Well, a “whole” olive refers to an olive that still has the pit intact, versus having a pitted olive, which has the pit removed.  

Whole olives or pitted olives is an age old question. Some things to consider when trying to decide between the two:

  • When the olive is cured, a whole olive is cured from the outside in. With a pitted olive, the olive is cured outside in and inside out. Still with us?
  • A whole olive will be a little firmer, and a pitted olive will be a little softer, but we think both are still quite delicious.  
  • More than anything, It all comes down to personal preference!

We have a large variety of whole and pitted olives at the Olive Pit, so stop by and ask one of our Olive Experts for a sample and see which olive you like best!

Jenny H.
The Olive Pit

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