Weekend of Fire – WOFI

2018 Best Hot Sauce

First Place: Dude Seriously – Dude Seriously Hot Sauce
Second Place: Angry Irishman – Chipotle Sauce
Third Place: Mikey V’s – I love Taco Sauce So Much – Hot

2017 Best Hot Sauce

First Place: Scotty O’Hotty Beer Bacon with Scorpion Hot Sauce
Second Place: Dashelito’s Black Burn Out Hot Sauce
Third Place: Bravado Spice Pineapple and Habanero Hot Sauce

2016 Best Hot Sauce

First Place: High River Cheeba Gold
Second Place: Elijah’s Extreme Reaper Sauce
Third Place: Scotty O’Hotty Reaper De Muerte

2015 Best Hot Sauce

First Place: CaJohn’s Tiki Bar Hot Sauce
Second Place: Papi Joe’s – Tennesee Hot Sauce
Third Place: Scotty O’ Hotty Reaper de Muerte

2018 Best BBQ Sauce

First Place: Grand Dad’s – Original Homemade BBQ Sauce
Second Place: Papi Joe’s Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce
Third Place: Uncle Stevie’s – Sweet N Sassy Sasquatch Sauce

2016 Best BBQ Sauce

First Place: Kentucky’s Smokin Grill
Second Place: Granddad’s Original
Third Place: Papi Joe’s

2017 Best BBQ Sauce

First Place: The Shed Southern Sweet BBQ
Second Place: Chili Rocks Fiery Pepper Whiskey BBQ Sauce
Third Place: Granddad’s Original BBQ Sauce

2015 Best BBQ Sauce

First Place: Papi Joe’s Tart & Tangy BBQ
Second Place: CaJohn’s – Bourbon Chipotle BBQ
Third Place: Kentucky’s Smokin’ Grill – Spicy Hot

2018 Best Hot Specialty

First Place: Elijah’s Extreme – Reaper Sauce
Second Place: Scotty O’Hotty – Beer Bacon Salsa
Third Place: Mikey V’s – Spicy Reaper Pickles

2017 Best Hot Specialty

First Place: Elijah’s Extreme Reaper Sauce
Second Place: Little Bird Fire Syrup
Third Place: Scotty O’Hotty Beer Bacon Chipotle

2016 Best Hot Specialty

First Place: Mad Sweet Heat Candied Jalapeno Relish
Second Place: Mad Sweet Heat Sliced Candied Jalapeno
Third Place: Scotty O’Hotty Beer Bacon Chipotle

2015 Best Hot Specialty

First Place: Scotty O’ Hotty – Beer Bacon Chipotle
Second Place: Frog Bones – Cajun Sauce Remoulade
Third Place: Papi Joe’s – Sassy Bloody Mary Mix

2018 Best Salsa

First Place: Mikey V’s – Smoked Bacon Salsa
Second Place: Scotty O’Hotty – Ghost Salsa
Third Place: Uncle Snorey – Mango Tango Salsa

2017 Best Salsa

First Place: Mikey V’s Smoked Bacon
Second Place: Elijah’s Extreme Ghost Pepper Salsa
Third Place: Scotty O’ Hotty Ghost Pepper Salsa

2016 Best Salsa

First Place: Little Diablo Salsa – Seared Pineapple and Ginger
Second Place: Bob’s Best Salsa – Black Bean and Corn
Third Place: Chili Rocks Ghostly Reaper Salsa

2015 Best Salsa

First Place: Deception Salsa Oink – Spicy Bacon
Second Place: CaJohn’s – Pumpkin Salsa
Third Place: Bob’s Best Salsa – Thick & Chunky Salsa

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