2023 Contests


12:00pm Oscar Station – Puckerbutt’s Pepper Eating Challenge
2:00pm Oscar Event Center – Mikey V’s Pickle Madness Challenge
3:00pm Oscar Station – Blazing Foods’ Death by Nut Challenge
5:00pm Oscar Event Center – Katie’s Jerky Challenge


12:00pm Oscar Station – Puckerbutt’s Whiplash Wing Challenge
1:00pm Oscar Event Center – Jungle Jim’s Here’s the Fire Challenge
2:00pm Oscar Station – Gummy Bear From Hell Challenge
3:00pm Oscar Event Center – Chili Rocks’ Hot AF Dog Challenge

2023 Vendors

The Oscar Station

Zia Hatch Chile
Pup + The Pepper
Bayou Gotham
Cantina Royal Sauce
Salsa Diablo
Spicy Margs & Fireball Slushies
Hoboken Eddie’s
Flavor and Fire

Dutch Oven Smoke House
Aime’s Gourmet Pickles
Black Cap Hot Sauce
Double Comfort Food
Steamin’ Steve’s BBQ
Ohio Hot Sauce
Greenbelly Foods
Healsi Water
The Munchin Box
Spicy Mion Hot Sauce
Rodeo Kick
Coney Island Saucery
Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind
Tannenbaum Foods
Blazing Foods
Mule Sauce
Cooper’s Small Batch
Rib Rangers
Point Blank Pepper Co.
Nichols Farm
Bravado Spice

The Oscar Event Center

Oscar Event Center
Jungle Jim’s Seafood
Uncle Stevie’s Signature Sauce
Melinda’s Foods
Dude, Seriously
EZE Food
The Dam Jam
B.T. Leigh’s Sauces and Rubs
Hell Fire Detroit
Chugwater Chili
Uncle Snorey

Roland Foods
Mikey V’s Foods
The Spicy Shark
The Spice Trading Post
Stanky Sauce
Sh’ That’s Hot
El Pinto Foods
Farmer Nate’s Sauce Co.
Angry Irishman
Hot Llamas Hot Sauce
Howard’s Creek Beer Cheese
Pickled Paradise
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Hank Sauce
Angry Goat Pepper
The Mustard Man
Tom’s Garden
Sam Sa’House 
Ranellio’s Foods
Chili Rocks/Big Fork
Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce
Casa M Spice Co
The General’s Hot Sauce
NaugHOTie Sauce
Katie’s Premium Jerky & Snacks
Jungle Jim’s Podcast
Bloody Mary Bar
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