• Beer Department: So much more than a bottle shop!

    These days it can be pretty tough to decide where you’re going to buy your beer. Even the local gas station offers a few staples and breweries are keeping thirsty customers coming back with a near endless stream of bottle and can releases every week. So what’s an intrepid bottle shop to do?

    It’s no secret that we like to do things big here in the Jungle. Forget that old mantra of “something for everyone”— we try our darnedest every day to be everything for everyone.

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  • Beer Department: Debunking the myth of “Helium beer” once and for all

    Since April 1 is April Fool’s Day, I feel that this a good time to address one of those pesky misunderstandings about beer that just won’t seem to go away: helium beer. The myth is that there are one or more beers out there that are imbued with helium rather than carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Beer drinkers are keen to try this bizarre-sounding beer, excited to try a beer that also makes your voice high pitched.

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  • Beer Department: What is Bottle Conditioning?

    If you pay attention to beer, you may have noticed various labels touting the words “bottle conditioned” or “refermented in the bottle.” These words are likely to appear on many Belgian or Belgian-style beers but may also be seen on stouts, barleywines, and occasionally even IPAs. Bottle conditioned beers will always be presented in glass bottles, almost always with a champagne-like cork and cage closure. While these terms and the techniques they describe may be widespread and better understood by wine lovers,

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  • Beer Department: So What’s the Deal with Bock?

    It’s no secret that we love bock here in Cincinnati. The crazy Germans who settled here love it so much that Cincinnati even holds a bock festival every year in early March. Despite all the love, I find that a lot of folks really aren’t tremendously familiar with bocks. So let’s dive in!

    The style originated a few hundred years ago in the northern German town of Einbeck. It is a rich and moderately sweet,

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  • Beer Department: An Argument in Favor of Proper Glassware

    I’ve been fairly surprised lately at how much talk I’ve heard from folks who still prefer to drink their craft beer(s) of choice directly from the can or bottle that it was packaged in. As craft beer has exploded in popularity, tastes have evolved and palates, in general, have become more daring, I assumed that everyone had received the memo that drinking beer from a decent glass was the way to go. For those that didn’t receive the memo,

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  • Beer Department: Ever Heard of a Golden Stout?

    Until a year or so ago, I hadn’t either. Like you might be doing right now, I too spent some time scratching my head as the gears between my ears slowly turned. Initially, the mere knowledge that such a seemingly contradictory style could exist begged more questions than it answered. “Is it actually a stout?” “Does it taste good?” “What voodoo are these brewers trying to pull off here?” “Is this a gimmick?” Since the concept of golden stouts seems to have gained some traction and won’t be consigned to the dustbin of history in the immediate future,

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  • Beer Department: What the Heck is Dry Hop Creep

    Okay everyone, in an effort raise awareness on a serious brewing issue that’s becoming more and more widespread, we’re going to have to head down the rabbit hole of beer geekiness. To those who are unprepared for such nerdy travels, you might want to turn back now. But for the rest of you, those of you seeking far more knowledge about beer that will ever be useful in any practical sense, please join me on this beer-soaked journey.

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  • Beer Department: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Beer

    I must admit, I’m usually averse to these sorts of lists that tend to dominate the virtual realm of the almighty Internet. I typically prefer more in-depth articles. Since I’m about to head on vacation, however, I find myself in the mood for some lighter writing (and reading) and I’m hoping you find yourself in a similar mood. Read on for 5 fun facts about beer that will make you sound way smarter at your next party.

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  • Beer Department: What is an Oktoberfest, Anyway?

    This is another situation where beer used to be simpler. I suppose I shouldn’t bemoan the increasing complexity of beer too much, since knowing and understanding this stuff keeps me employed, but I understand that it can be confusing! I’ll do my best to explain this simply.

    Until fairly recently, a beer labeled “Oktoberfest” could be understood to be a medium-bodied, clean, medium-sweet amber lager best enjoyed in the fall by the stein.

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  • Beer Department: The Brut IPA, an Emerging Trend

    It’s no secret that IPAs are everywhere in the craft beer world. Every brewery, even those hesitant to do so, make one. Most make several. Some make a seemingly endless parade of them (I’m looking at you, Stone). IPAs are so popular, they account for roughly 30% of all craft beer sold in the United States. Given their immense popularity and a desire to stand out from the crowd, it makes sense that brewers would use the basic concept of an IPA as a blank template for creating a broad range of tastes,

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