Discover Chickpeas with Our Favorite Recipes

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Though the humble chickpea is often taken for granted, these little legumes are useful for more than just hummus! Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, contain a wealth of important nutrients, including folate, iron, phosphorus, and manganese. They’re packed with protein, delivering about 3 grams per 50 calories, and are a great source of fiber! This combination can help keep you full longer, meaning that you’ll be less tempted to reach for the chips or cookies when that two o’clock slump rolls around. Plenty of delicious recipes call for chickpeas, and you’ll find them in salads, sandwiches, salsas, soups, pasta, and even brownies and cookies. Chickpeas are a great substitute for meat and they make a mean tikka masala. You can even find chickpea noodles that can be used as a lighter alternative to regular pasta! All in all, the mighty chickpea is a food that shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored. If you’re not a devotee of the chickpea, let us change your mind with these chickpea-based recipes. You’ll be surprised at how versatile and delicious this legume can be!


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