Discoveries at the Jungle Beverage Month: Almdudler Soft Drinks from Austria and Ting Sparkling Beverages from Jamaica

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The world of beverages is certainly an interesting one. We, as humans, need to drink every day to survive. Of course water is always the best choice, but as long as history goes back there have been millions of ways people have been making their drinking a little more fun. From purification, to pasteurisation, juicing, infusing, carbonating, fermenting, distilling, mixing, and more, we have made a plethora of beverages that you probably wouldn’t have enough time in your life to even scratch the surface trying. This month we want to give you a small sample of non-alcoholic beverages from around the world that you might not typically find here in the US.

Almdudler Soft Drinks from Austria

This drink was first created in 1957 by Erwin Klein and has a light, refreshing, and sweet flavor. 32 natural alpine herbs are used in the production of this soda. It’s popularity in Austria is second only to Coca-Cola and has been called the national drink of Austria, with 80 million litres produced each year.

Where you can find these: Fairfield Location: Orange 18 // Eastgate Location: Yellow 6 

​Did you know? When Coca-Cola first launched it was marketed as a nerve tonic that “relieves exhaustion.”

Ting Sparkling Beverages from Jamaica
This tart yet sweet drink is made with real Jamaican grapefruit. You may even get a little grapefruit pulp in your bottle. After being purchased by Pepsi Co in 1999, these drinks started finding their way into the US, Canada, and the UK. Many people like to mix these drinks with citrus vodka or Jamaican rum.

Where you can find these: Fairfield Location: Yellow 10 // Eastgate Location: Green 4

​Did you know? Pepsi was the first soft drink company to use two-liter bottles.

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