Discoveries at the Jungle Beverage Month: Antarctica Guarana Soda from Brazil and Niasca Limonata Sparkling Lemon Beverage from Italy

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The world of beverages is certainly an interesting one. We, as humans, need to drink every day to survive. Of course water is always the best choice, but as long as history goes back there have been millions of ways people have been making their drinking a little more fun. From purification, to pasteurisation, juicing, infusing, carbonating, fermenting, distilling, mixing, and more, we have made a plethora of beverages that you probably wouldn’t have enough time in your life to even scratch the surface trying. This month we want to give you a small sample of non-alcoholic beverages from around the world that you might not typically find here in the US.

Antarctica Guarana Soda from Brazil

The Jesuit priest João Felipe Bettenford “discovered” the fruit of the guaraná when observing the Maués Indians during an expedition by the Upper Amazon in the 1600s. They would use the fruit to make “tea” that brought them strength. As the popularity of guarana grew, more and more people around the world recognized it for giving them extra energy. Think of this citrusy soda as Mt. Dew on steroids, for when you need an extra kick.

Where you can find these: Fairfield Location: Yellow 10 // Eastgate Location: Pink 10 

​Did you know? Guarana contains twice as much caffeine as coffee

Niasca Limonata Sparkling Lemon Beverage from Italy
This sparkling beverage is made with Italian lemons from Tigullio. It’s neither too sweet or too sour and is very thirst quenching. Think of it as a high quality lemonade that is also fantastic for mixing into drinks.

Where you can find these: Fairfield Location: Yellow 8 // Eastgate Location: Green 6

​Did you know? Lemonade can trace its origins to the Egyptians, when in 500 AD lemon juice was mixed with sugar to make a beverage known as qatarmizat.

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