Discoveries at the Jungle: Yamamotoyama Green Tea, Sushi Chef Red Miso Soup Mix and Hime Wasabi Horseradish

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Welcome to Discoveries at the Jungle, where every month we pick a theme and explore items from around the Jungle that you might not have found on your own! We do this through our blog, with videos, recipes, and our brand new Discovery Box.

This month we’re exploring the world of Japanese foods, and we are so excited that we’re putting together one Discovery Box this month, but two! The first box will feature Japanese snacks raging from sweet to savory, and the second box has items that will help enhance your own sushi-making experience.

We are excited to bring together two great aspects of Japanese culture in-store, online, and at home. Join us and discover something new today!

Yamamotoyama Green Tea

Yamamotoyama has been family owned and operated for over 325 years. With that kind of experience they produce some of the best tea around. They actually innovated some of today’s most popular green teas! This is a standard green tea that is light, refreshing, and full of antioxidants. 

Where can you find these in our stores? Location Fairfield: Orange 6  Eastgate: International Tea

Sushi Chef Red Miso Soup Mix

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of stock called dashi, which is made out of miso paste. Miso is made by fermenting soybeans, with salt and koji (a fungus), and sometimes rice and barley. The soup is typically served with vegetables and tofu in it. If you’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant, many of them will serve miso soup before your meal.

Where can you find these in our stores? Location Fairfield: Orange 3  Eastgate: Yellow 2

Hime Wasabi Horseradish

​This wasabi powder makes it simple to prepare wasabi horseradish paste. Simply add water, mix, and you are ready to rock. Wasabi is typically served with sushi as a garnish, or inside the sushi roll itself. It provides a spicy, airy heat that some people can’t handle, but we think everyone should try just a little even if you’re not a fan of spicy foods, as we think it gives sushi – which is already unique – an even more memorable flavor!

Where can you find these in our stores? Location Fairfield: Orange 3  Eastgate: Yellow 2

​Two Discovery Boxes: Japanese Snacks and Sushi! Right to your door!

Note: The Discovery Box is a selection of Japanese snacks or sushi items from our Discoveries at the Jungle program. The box does not contain every item featured and not every box is the same.​
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