• Jeni In The Jungle

    Last week we were honored to welcome Jeni Britton Bauer from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to our Fairfield store! Jeni took 10 lucky people on a flavor tour around the store and showed the group some of her favorite products that you can only get right here at the Jungle. While showing them around, she grabbed some items for her class following the tour, but she couldn’t help but fill her cart with some delicious chocolates,

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  • New at the Jungle: My/Mo – Mochi Ice Cream

    ​We’re super excited to tell you about a new product we are carrying: My/Mo a “pack your own” mochi ice cream! What, exactly, is Mochi you might ask? Well, let us give you a little history lesson. ​Mochi itself is a Japanese rice cake that is pounded into a paste and molded into whatever whatever shape you desire. It has a gel like consistency – think of it almost like a gummy bear. The exact origin of ochi hasn’t been confirmed, Read article
  • Madisono’s and Kilgour Gelato Collaboration – Dough with the Flow

    ​Have you ever wondered what goes into a creating a great gelato? Madisono’s fabulous new flavor, “Dough with the Flow”, starts with a base of natural vanilla, yummified with homemade cookie dough and Oreo cookies. A principal ingredient you won’t find listed on the label, however, is the passionate team work of 95 sixth grade math students form Kilgour Elementary.
    The collaboration began four years ago following a chance conversation between Matt Madison, Read article
  • Seasonal Craft Ice Cream At The Jungle

    Jungle Jim’s International Market welcomes back Jeni’s Ice Cream seasonal selection with Xocorosa, The Matterhorn and Goat Cheese with Red Cherries! We all sampled them around the office and the we absolutely enjoyed them! Xocorosa ​Tongue-tingling chocolate with jalapeno and smoked paprika. Spiked with rose. Inspired by and designed to be paired with Stone Brewing’s mocha stout, Xocoveza. Goat Cheese With Red Cherries Mackenzie Creamery goat cheese and roasted, sweet-tart, bright red cherries. Read article
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