• From Across The Globe, To You!

    Recently, we received a message from Scott Robb, a customer of ours for many years. He’s currently in Bishkek, the capital of Central Asian country Kyrgyzstan, checking out a market and bazaar that’s housed along the ancient Silk Road trading route that was used from China to the Mediterranean.


    Surrounded by beautiful, rugged mountains, Kyrgyzstan is home to snow leopards and lynx, while Bishkek itself is known for it’s Ala Archa National Park,

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  • Coming Soon to the Jungle: Kombucha Bar!

    ​Jungle Jim’s International Market and Fab Ferments proudly present the Kombucha Bar at Jungle Jim’s Fairfield. 

    What is Kombucha

    Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is highly effervescent. Originating in China, it’s been around since about the year 200 BC. Traditionally black or green tea is the base, then sugar and the SCOBY is added for fermentation.

    Now, you may be asking, what exactly is a SCOBY?

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  • New In the Jungle – Bulk Essential Oils – Local, Pure, and Beneficial

    Now available at Jungle Jim’s International Market, Herb ‘N Jungle is excited to offer bulk Essential Oils created by Natural Options Aromatherapy, an Ohio business. Offering a more clinical approach to aromatherapy, all of their Essential Oils are pure and therapeutic grade. While several varieties of Essential Oil have been available at the Herb ‘N Jungle for quite some time, this affordable new option is great for those who wish to put together their own blends and use them for other creations.  Read article