• Summer Garden Series Part I: Getting Started and Avoiding Common Mistakes


    Welcome to the first installment in our ongoing gardening series, where we’ll be providing tips and tricks to help you cultivate the garden of your dreams! This week, we’re focusing on getting started and avoiding common mistakes.


    However, it’s not a bad idea to start planning early! Our Garden Center is opening on March 25 of this year because late March or early April is when most people begin planning their spring and summer gardens.

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  • Garden Center Summer Series, Part II: Choosing the Best Plants for Your Yard

    Summertime is quickly approaching, and many of us are preparing to enjoy the warm weather by hosting barbecues, indulging in summer pool parties, and most likely ending up on the receiving end of a sunburn. When you picture yourself enjoying the summer, what do you see? Maybe you’re spread out in an Adirondack, cocktail in hand, four hot dogs into a slightly regrettable cookout binge? Maybe you’re up and about, socializing with colleagues and neighbors,

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  • Garden Center Summer Series, Part III: Stayin’ Alive

    So, it’s mid-June. Your garden is planted, the flowers are blossoming, and your vegetables are starting to grow. You’ve finally begun to notice the fruits of your labor (pun intended), and now you’re in maintenance mode. You need to water your plants, make sure they’re getting enough sun, keep those dreaded weeds at bay, and fend off the hungry neighborhood critters, such as squirrels, bunnies, and deer. That can be quite a lot of work,

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  • Jungle Jim’s Garden Center: Interesting Finds and Classic Favorites

    We’re pleased to announce that our Jungle Jim’s Garden Center is fully stocked and open for the spring and summer seasons! This is the premier shopping destination for all things plant-related, and we’re ready to help you transform your backyard from a winter wasteland to a gorgeous, relaxing spring oasis.

    Our Garden Center is kind of a big deal. Standing at 50 feet tall, the greenhouse is spacious enough to house all of our plants and for our collection of pottery,

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  • Happy Spring, The Garden Center Is Open!

    ​Finally, we’ve found ourselves at the end of the long road known as Winter, and the first day of spring is finally upon us. It’s time to put away the FindStringTrimmers, snow shovels, ice scrapers, rock salt and sand, tossing them into the deep corners of our sheds and garages until we need them again. Now, let’s all get ready to brighten up your yards and gardens with some Spring flowers and plants!

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