• Discover Ohio with Local Favorites from the Buckeye State

    Mackenzie Creamery

    Mackenzie Creamery is an Ohio-based goat farm located in Hiram, a village to the southeast of Cleveland. Mackenzie Creamery was started by founder Jean Mackenzie, who always had a passion for cheese-making. In 2007, after attending just two cheese-making classes, Jean decided to turn her favorite hobby into her life’s work, and founded Mackenzie Creamery. Fast forward ten years, and Mackenzie Creamery has become one of Ohio’s favorite local businesses! Their goat cheeses have won several awards,

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  • The Long, Contested History of Baklava

    In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, baklava is ubiquitous. Though it can be made with many variations, the essential parts are the same: paper-thin layers of phyllo pastry, a sweet filling made with chopped nuts, and a coating of honey or syrup. This delectable dessert has been around for centuries, but its origins are nebulous, which has caused disagreements around the world. Through the years, various countries have feuded over who “owns” baklava, with most people siding with either Greece or Turkey.

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  • Put Down the Chips and Pick Up the Olives: Experts Say Mediterranean Eating Habits are Key to Healthy Lifestyle

    This month, we’re featuring Greek foods in our Discoveries at the Jungle program, so we wanted to share some recent research about why Mediterranean foods are especially good for you!

    Let’s face it. Eating healthy is hard. Many of us are incredibly busy, leaving little time for shopping and cooking. Often, at the end of a long day, it’s easier to pull through a fast food drive-thru than to even think about going home,

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  • Discover Chickpeas with Our Favorite Recipes

    Though the humble chickpea is often taken for granted, these little legumes are useful for more than just hummus! Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, contain a wealth of important nutrients, including folate, iron, phosphorus, and manganese. They’re packed with protein, delivering about 3 grams per 50 calories, and are a great source of fiber! This combination can help keep you full longer, meaning that you’ll be less tempted to reach for the chips or cookies when that two o’clock slump rolls around.

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  • Cajun or Creole? What’s the Difference?

    Cajun or Creole. Do you know the difference? Though both of these cultures are present in Louisiana, they are two separate and distinct groups of peoples.


    Cajun people are actually descended from French Canadians who lived in Acadia, a broad area along North America’s eastern coast that now consists of Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. This area was colonized by French settlers, but they clashed with British armies beginning in the early 1700s.

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  • Cabbage Soup with Cabbage Stir Fry

    Try your hand at making authentic Chinese cuisine with our recipes for Cabbage Soup and Cabbage Stir Fry!

    Cabbage Soup (serves 6)



    1 ½ shallots

    2 bunches green onion

    ½ bunch cilantro

    1 medium ginger root

    1 garlic bulb

    1 pound ground pork

    1-2 tablespoons natural sea salt

    1 tablespoon black pepper (half for the broth and half for the meat)

    1-3 tablespoons mushroom seasoning

    1-2 tablespoons Golden Mountain Seasoning Sauce

    1-2 tablespoons pure sesame oil

    1 head cabbage (we used Taiwanese cabbage because of its sweeter flavor and large leaves)


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  • Vietnamese Milk Coffee

    If you’ve ever tried Vietnamese coffee, called cà phê sữa, the mere mention of this delicately-crafted, decadent drink will likely induce an immediate, mouth-watering craving. The drink is unforgettable. The subtle sweetness, the indulgent creaminess, and the intense, yet smooth, flavor of the coffee blend together to create an exquisite, unparalleled drink. Once you try Vietnamese-style milk coffee, you’ll probably never want to go back. 

    For Discoveries at the Jungle Vietnam, we’ve delved deep into the world of cà phê sữa and we’re excited to share our discoveries with you!

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  • 5 Reasons to Start Eating Chocolate-Covered Bugs

    For many centuries, farmers were united against one merciless enemy: the insect. Tiny beasts that, when left unchecked, could completely undermine seasons of hard farm work and send families into starvation. It’s no wonder, then, why many modern-day Americans are opposed to eating insects. As the mortal enemy of our agrarian ancestors, insects instill in us an abject fear and disgust that we simply have not been able to shake. However, Americans and Europeans are in the minority when compared to the rest of the world.

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  • Discoveries at the Jungle: Maple

    What can we say about maple syrup? Without it, pancakes would be inedible, children’s’ hands wouldn’t be mysteriously sticky, and the world would be a much less interesting place. We wouldn’t have those delightfully molded maple candies, bacon would be slightly less magnificent, and baked bean brands around the nation would suffer. All in all, maple syrup is the bee’s knees (or, rather, the tree’s squeeze), which is why our Discoveries at the Jungle feature for November is Maple!

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  • 5 Unique Ways To Eat Apples This October

    Fall is finally here, bringing with it a wealth of fun seasonal activities. Among our favorites are cooking, eating (of course!), and apple picking! That’s why we’ve chosen Apple as our Discoveries at the Jungle theme for this October. A quintessential fall flavor, apples are a standard fall treat, mostly eaten raw or used for apple pies, apple cider, or caramel apples. You know, all the normal stuff. There’s just one problem… at Jungle Jim’s,

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