Discoveries at the Jungle BBQ and Grilling: The Sauces and Condiments

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No day of grilling is complete without the sauces and toppings. Let’s explore how to give your food from the grill that extra edge.

Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce

This creamy, gluten-free winner boasts a new take on a pair of old favorites. Even kids will enjoy the buffalo flavor with the heat-muting influence of ranch. Not only can you use it on your wings, try it on veggies, salads or a dipping sauce for chips and fries!


Did you know that buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York in 1964? When a shipment of wings was delivered to a restaurant in error, a tasty new dish became a national favorite!

Budweiser BBQ Sauces

Budweiser Brewmaster’s Sweet and Smoky sauce is one of 5 new flavor selections. As the name suggests, Budweiser beer is a not so secret ingredient in each of these executive chef creations, two years in the making. This sauce is sure to be a hit at your family BBQ!


Did you know that the Memphis area seems to be where the sweet molasses infused barbecue first became popular?

Bertman Ballpark Mustard

Bertman original ballpark mustard is a creamy, old world style brown mustard with a bit of vinegar tanginess. Created by Joseph Bertman, it’s been a “not just in Cleveland anymore” favorite, for 90 years. Try it on your hot dogs this summer, to celebrate the battle between your favorite rivalry. May your favorite team (and mustard) win!


Did you know that mustard is actually a plant? The seeds are ground to create the condiment, possibly as early as 3000 B.C., and considered to be one of the most important spices in the world. Early Romans used it for its flavor and various medicinal purposes.

Frank’s Kraut Singles

If you are one of those folks, who believe a bit of sauerkraut can transform the humble hotdog into a gastronomic delight, then Frank’s Quality Kraut Singles, is for you! Frank’s has been fermenting cabbage, in oak barrels since 1905. Now available in single serving packages, there is no excuse to do without.


Did you know that fermented, shredded cabbage actually originated in China? Because it kept for months without spoiling, it was used to feed workers constructing the Great Wall, during the Ming Dynasty. It was around the 16th century when Germanic people, developed the dish, we now know as sauerkraut.

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