Discoveries at the Jungle BBQ and Grilling

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As spring heats up, so will our backyard grills, and Jungle Jim’s is ready to be your ultimate resource for every outdoor culinary creation. From soakable cedar planks to jumbo shrimp for cooking on the barbie, let your imagination guide you through aisles of rubs, sauces, condiments, and contraptions.


The origin of our word “barbecue” is the Caribbean, Barbacoa, and was the name for a wooden structure used by the Indians to smoke food. Years ago, in the southern US, pigs were allowed to forage free range, resulting in a leaner, tougher and inexpensive meat. (Cows required much more care and feed.) The pork was cooked low and slow, indirectly, over a wooden fire. Sauces came later and included influences from many parts of the world, contributing to the wide variety we enjoy today.

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