• August Pepperologist Picks

    This month, our Pepperologist Pick is Yellowbird’s Serrano Condiment! Based out of Texas, Yellowbird makes clean, fresh, organic spicy condiments that taste great! This one has a good amount of heat, a bright cucumber flavor, and a nice, flavorful finish.


    Our Hot Sauce Deal of the Month is the line of CaJohns fiery hot sauces! These award-winning sauces are all fantastic, have great, clean taste, and deliver on heat and flavor!

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  • Hot Sauce Feature: Yellowbird Condiments

    This month, my Pepperologist Picks are the condiments from Yellowbird, a Texas-based spicy condiment kitchen serving up some of the finest, cleanest hot sauces available on the market! I love Yellowbird because all of their condiments are free of preservatives, made with ethically-sourced ingredients, and are just plain good!

    Yellowbird got its start when co-founders George Milton and Erin Link simply became fed up with other spicy condiments on the market. They had just started living a healthier lifestyle and were trying to eat as cleanly as possible.

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  • Start Practicing for Weekend of Fire with These Favorites

    The dates for this year’s Weekend of Fire have been announced, and we couldn’t be more excited about the twelfth edition of our famous fiery foods festival! Weekend of Fire will be here before we know it, but in the meantime, try out these fan favorites from our hot sauce department.


    The first product I’m recommending is a salsa that is made right here in Ohio! Based out of Toledo,

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  • Hot Sauce Feature: Golden Girls

    This week in the Hot Sauce Department we’re excited to tell you about our selection of Golden Girls Hot Sauces from the company Always Fits! These hilarious habanero and jalapeño hot sauces each feature one of the iconic Golden Girls, with comical names for each variety.


    The Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut hot sauces are made from Habanero pepper, carrot puree, garlic, and spices. These two Golden Girls sauces are the spicier of the four,

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  • Don’s Pepperologist Pick June 2018

    Pepperologist Pick: Goss Hot Sauce Colon Plow


    Goss Sauce is Boss! (See what I did there?) Goss’s Colon Plow is my Pepperologist Pick for the month of June, and boy is this one a tasty one! Some people stop me and say, “Don, this isn’t a hot sauce, it’s more like a salsa.” But a good friend of mine always told me that if you call it a hot sauce,

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  • Pepperologist Picks May 2018

    Don is back again with his Pepperologist pick and Hot Sauce Deals of the Month for May! Keep it flavorful and keep it hot!

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  • New In The Jungle: C’mon Man Cajun Seasoning

    This week in the Jungle Jim’s Hot Sauce department, I am thrilled to tell you about a product that is pure fire! C’mon Man Cajun Seasoning is one of our newest additions, and we couldn’t be more excited.


    This newcomer is extra special because the company’s founder, Charles Alexander, has an important connection to Cincinnati. From 1979-1987, Alexander played as a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals and even played in Super Bowl XVI in 1982.

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  • New In The Jungle: Get Your Goodies BBQ On

    Goodies BBQ Sauce is back! This Cincinnati restaurant has been in business for 20 years serving up Kansas City style BBQ with their own twist. We have their mild and hot BBQ sauces in the Jungle which are both fantastic!

    If you haven’t been to Goodies you are missing out. They’re located in Mt. Healthy and have an all-you- can eat buffet on the first Sunday of the month! You can’t go wrong with Goodies!

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  • Jungle Jim’s Hot Sauce of the Month: March 2018

    Don, our pepperologist, is here with his Hot Sauce of the Month once again. For March we are featuring Chili Rocks Fiery Red! You might be familiar with this product.  It’s similar to your favorite Louisiana-style hot sauce made with red habanero peppers, vinegar and salt.

    This sauce would go great on all chili dishes, such as spaghetti or coneys. It would be an excellent  addition to any fish or chicken dish, as well.

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  • One Chip Challenge Jungle Style!

    You might be hip to the One Chip Challenge making its way around social media, but if you want to try it yourself you might run into a little issue. It was a limited run so Paqui ran out of them! Never fear though, we have a Jungle Jim’s solution!


    Paqui Ghost Pepper Chips – These bad boys are hotter than hot, but this is the One Chip Challenge so we’re going to need to kick it up even further.

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