• Fiscalini San Joaquin Gold: An Award Winning Mistake

    The Fiscalini cheese makers call this cheese their award winning mistake. When they set out on first making this they were intent on making something in the style of Fontina. What came out of that was a cheese with a style all on it’s own. While being similar to that cheddar the texture is actually quite granular. It coats the pallet with a sweet bite that will only intensify with the aging process. San Joaquin was named for the area it was produced,

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  • Flufa Flutes Feuilletees Au Fromage – A Gourmet Cracker That Will Impress

    If you are looking for a delicious, one-of-a-kind cracker to go along with a cheese board look no further. These baked crackers from Switzerland are made with swiss cheese. There is a lightness to them that will remind you of the most delicate buttery croissant infused with baked cheese. I recommend you try these with softer, buttery cheeses or an earthy cheese as they will pair well with the lightness of the cracker.

    You can find Flufa Flutes Feuilletees Au Fromage at both Jungle Jim’s Cheese Shops for $3.99 for a 125g package.

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  • The BIG Cheese Festival 2018 Recap

    Another year of the BIG Cheese Festival is complete. You came, you saw, you devoured hundreds of different cheeses! We hope you had the cheesiest time ever. We know we did. Thanks for making our 2018 Big Cheese Festival so much fun!

    Click here for the full gallery of photos on Events at the Jungle!

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  • From the “Farmhouse,” To Your House – Vento d’Estate

    This is one of the many hidden gems of the Italy case you can find in The Cheese Shop. Vento only came into being about 20 years ago when (as legend has it) Antonio Carpenedo and his wife were driving behind a hay truck and the scent was so pleasant that they stopped the driver, bought some of his hay, and started covering one of their wheels of cheese to age it.


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  • Lemon Blue – THIS Is The Blue Cheese You’ve Been Looking For

    So there are a lot of recipes that pop up when you Google “lemon blue cheese.” Unfortunately, all of these recipes have them coming together in a dish.

    The blue cheese that we carry is a true marriage of these two ingredients. The lemons themselves are fermented and pressed into the cheese to allow the lemon flavor to soak into its already porous texture. But, if we’re being honest, the “blue” elements of the cheese are what you want with a blue.

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  • Cahill’s Vodka Blueberry Cheddar – New, Different, and Delicious

    Cahill’s has been making top quality cheddar in Ireland since 1910. With over 100 years of experience, they know a thing or two about what it takes to make something high quality, flavorful, and accessible.

    Using only the best milk found in Newcastle West, Cahill’s is on a mission to provide the best chedda, but often with a twist. In the past, we’ve happy carried a wide variety of their cheeses, including a Porter Cheddar,

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – Creamy and Flavorful Truffle Tremor

    ​This soft ripened goat cheese is every truffle lover’s dream. Made by one of my favorite creameries currently producing, Cypress Grove, this California cheese is the perfect balance of Italian black truffle and creamy goat cheese. 

    The smooth texture combines perfectly with the earthiness of the truffles. We think this can be served as a great dessert cheese, along with something sweet. It has a light feel on the palate, but still offers strong flavor all around.

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  • Holidays at the Jungle – Why You Need Raclette This Holiday Season

    ​Ever walk into a holiday party and wonder what that smell is? Hopefully, what you’re smelling is someone melting Raclette and getting ready to serve it alongside boiled potatoes or steamed veggies.

    Raclette both refers to the cheese itself or the dish, and comes from the French word, racler, meaning “to scrape.” You can melt Raclette cheese on a traditional Raclette melting pan and it’s sure to be a hit at your party (or parties) this year.

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  • Mackenzie Creamery Pumpkin Chevre – More Pumpkin? You Betcha!

    ​Can we stand one more Pumpkin flavored anything? The answer, thankfully, is yes! With Mackenzie Creamery Pumpkin Chevre, the onslaught of pumpkin flavoring throughout the fall season is just a bit more bearable.

    Mackenzie Creamery is located just a bit north in Hiram, Ohio and makes what I consider to be the best tasting, all-around best quality domestic fresh goat cheese. Texturally, it feels extra whipped, which allows it to spread better and just have a better,

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  • Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta – Handmade at Jungle Jim’s

    Fresh, Handmade Mozzarella ​Making fresh mozzarella is a vital process. It’s quick, based as much on learned and practiced skill as it is tried and true methodology. We like to think of it as a labor of love. A member of the pasta filata family of cheeses (which includes provolone, as well), mozzarella is a hand-stretched, hand-rolled cheese best eaten fresh.

    Subtle in flavor, soft in texture, with a little saltiness and a lot of personality.

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